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5 Fun Shareable Ideas for Your Staffing Social Media

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Coming up with content for your staffing agency Social Media accounts can seem like a daunting task. Let’s take a look at some easy solutions that can get those social juices flowing!

It’s no secret that video is a home run when it comes to social media. Videos are engaging and tickle the senses of sight and sound at once. Making a simple video is as easy as using your smart phone. Talk about your latest successes at your company. Ask questions that will result in comments from your audience. Mention upcoming events, groups or forums related to your industry. Tell a story, or respond to a frequently asked question. You can also use online tools like Animoto, RenderForest or PowToons to create videos that will deliver a wow to your viewers.

Quote Graphics
Quote graphics are one of the most popularly shared and saved types of images on social media. People love motivational or provocative quotes! Make sure you watermark the graphic with your compmany logo, website or social accounts to encourage viewers to seek you out. A graphical testimonial is another idea you could implement. Let people know that customers are happy to work with you! The other nice thing is that these types of graphics are easy to come up with. Gather multiple quotes from employees, clients, or anyone, and create several of these graphics at once. By making a surplus of these graphics, you ensure that you have content to post on those occasions when you’re too busy to come up with something else.

Infographics are a superb way of presenting large amounts of data or information in an easy-to-digest format. A dynamic infographic combines visual and statistical elements into create one compelling piece that viewers love. The use of graphical elements helps boring data gain energy and life, and lets it stand out above the crowd. How about an infographic about the top types of job seekers? What about sharing your job placement statistics from the past months? Or a fun graphic that showcases your staff’s favorite holiday treats? The sky is the limit. Get creative and make a compelling infographic to wow your followers.

Candid Team Photos
Does your company seem plain and bland to potential clients or candidates? Show them that your company has personality! Share images of any fun in-office shenanigans. How about showing some happy employees enjoying some downtime on break, out to lunch, or an out-of-office gathering? Showing & sharing these types of images can connect personally with viewers, and make you seem more approachable.
Give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at your company! Other ideas include an employee spotlight where we can learn some fun facts about your staff, or maybe a testimonial from a happy employee about why it’s great working at your place. Job seekers will want to associate with a place where they can feel welcomed and comfortable, and employers will like seeing your candidates are in good spirits.

Trivia or other Games
By utilizing trivia or an interactive game, you can gain some valuable interaction on your social pages. Encourage comments & shares, and be sure to respond to anyone that interacts. Trivia can be about anything from your company to sports to pop culture. Offer a prize to winners and ask them to involve friends. This is a fantastic way to increase visibility and interaction on your social accounts.

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