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Marketing ROI Data, Delivered to Your Inbox: New Performance Emails [Video]

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If you’re a Haley Marketing client, you may have noticed a new arrival in your Inbox:

Weekly and Monthly Performance Report Emails

In this video, we share a quick overview of our new performance emails: why we’re sending them; who is receiving them; and for which products we’re currently generating report emails:

Why are we sending you performance emails?

  • It’s simple: You should know the ROI of your marketing investment with us!
  • While we added ROI dashboards to MyHaley back in 2019, these new performance emails bring that data right to your inbox, either weekly or monthly.
  • Finally, with this data at your fingertips, you can potentially identify opportunities for improving the performance and ROI of your Haley Marketing products or services.

Who receives performance emails?

  • By default, these emails are delivered to myHaley admin users and Haley Marketing Advisors.
  • You can add or remove users and edit notification preferences right in MyHaley by clicking “My Profile” in the upper right-hand corner, and then scrolling down to “notification preferences.”
  • You’ll see options to receive mailings for each product, as well as options to receive notifications about “updates and releases” as well as “planned outages.”
  • By default, all admins are set to receive both performance updates and planned outages; other users are not.

What products are currently supported?

Right now, we are sending out performance emails for:

  1. Career Portal (weekly)
  2. HaleyMail and Branded Content (monthly)
  3. Ongoing SEO (monthly)
  4. Web Hosting (monthly)
  5. NetSocial (weekly)

Clients who use our Blogging and Social Pro services will begin receiving performance emails in the near future.

Have questions about how to use or interpret your performance emails?

Our Success team would be happy to help. Email us at [email protected], or call us at 888.696.2900.

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