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[Interview] Mike Brannock, CEO of WorkForce Unlimited & AREVO Group

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Just about every company executive talks about the importance of putting people first. 

But how many do it? 

At Workforce Unlimited and AREVO Group, CEO Mike Brannock walks the walk. The secret of his success is running a “culture first” organization (actually, two of them). And caring about people isn’t just his internal employees; it extends to policies and practices he employs with his temporary associates. 

In this episode of Secrets of Staffing Success, Mike shares: 

  • Lessons he learned from his mother before he took over the company. 
  • Why traditional employee engagement methods will no longer work. 
  • An even a tip or two about world-class BBQ ribs! 

Mike is also looking for acquisitions, so if you’re an owner of an industrial or technical staffing company, ideally located in the Southeast, and you’re looking to sell, Mike wants to talk with you. 

You can connect with Mike on LinkedIn and visit his company websites: 



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