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How To Grow A Staffing Agency: Three Digital Tools You Need

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Want to grow your staffing agency? Business owners often focus on accessing the working capital they need to grow their company or expanding their staff to meet increasing needs. However, if you want to grow your staffing business, you’ll also need to think about the digital tools you will need to facilitate growth.

If you are thinking of expanding your staffing agency into new niches or markets, it’s time to plan your marketing stack.

What Is A Marketing Stack?

You’ve likely heard of a tech stack. These are the technologies you need to run your staffing business. Similarly, your marketing stack consists of the technology, tools and strategies that:

  • Tell your unique story
  • Communicate your unique value proposition
  • Attract inbound leads
  • Convert prospects to clients
  • Boost sales efficiency and productivity
  • Maximize recruiting

In today’s market, there are an endless array of tools that promise to help you do just that. But how can you grow a staffing agency if you’re suffering from analysis paralysis? We will help you identify the three most important digital tools you need to grow your staffing agency.

How To Grow A Staffing Agency: Create An Effective Staffing Website

If you want to grow your staffing agency, you need to think about your website differently than a traditional website that focuses mainly on branding and information. Obviously, your staffing website should brand your company well, tell your story, and communicate your unique value proposition.

But it also needs to act as an extension of your internal team, both your sales team and your recruiting team. That means that it should attract potential customers and move them through the sales pipeline. But it should attract candidates and allow them to apply to jobs quickly and easily or send their resumes.

When designing an effective staffing website, you want to start with outcomes. Ask yourself, “what do the people coming to this website need to accomplish?” And you’ll want to ask yourself that for:

  • Current clients
  • Current temporary/contract associates
  • Prospective clients
  • Job seekers

Each of these audiences comes to the website with different goals in mind, so you want each audience to find what they need and to act quickly.

When thinking about your website in terms of growing your staffing business, prioritize:

  • Making your website a digital branch office
  • Reviewing CTAs and conversion paths- ensure they are clear and strong
  • Showcasing diversity, inclusion and social responsibility
  • ADA compliance
  • Branding around values and people
  • Automation

How To Grow A Staffing Agency: Leverage Branded Content Effectively

The content that you produce should be useful and informative. It should answer common questions, concerns or objections that clients and job seekers have, but you shouldn’t stop there.

Branded content should focus on relevancy. And that means it’s not only informative but also reaches the reader on a deeper level. It may be entertaining. Perhaps you might be funny. It could be heartwarming. Or it could even be shocking if circumstances dictate.

Your branded content may or may not be directly related to your staffing services. At Haley Marketing, the content we produce that receives the most engagement is content that is not directly related to marketing. It’s content that addresses common business problems or addresses hot topics like diversity and inclusion.

One of the main goals of branded content is to build authority – to showcase yourself and your company as an expert resource. So you should know your audience well and be able to speak to their needs, priorities and even their fears.

Another goal of branded content is to drive traffic to your website and compel people to act. You can drive traffic through interesting and useful social media posts. You can compel people to act through things like webinars, eBooks, white papers, survey papers or podcasts.

Whatever branded content you produce should be integrated with sales and recruiting. It can be a powerful tool to move people through your sales funnel, allowing them a bit of “self-service.” That is, they can get answers to their questions and draw the conclusion that your staffing company is the right place for them to meet their hiring needs or find their ideal job.

How To Grow A Staffing Agency: Digital Marketing and Recruitment Marketing

Digital marketing is about more than just your website. If you are looking to grow your staffing business, you have to think beyond. How are you going to attract people to that site so it can do its job, acting as a digital branch office?

You’ll want to leverage social media effectively, engage in an ongoing SEO strategy to ensure your site is found by Google and take advantage of things like video marketing and pay-per-click advertising. All of these things will help you attract new potential clients and candidates and build your pipelines.

Having enough qualified candidates for job orders is an ongoing balance for staffing agencies. And if you are looking to grow your staffing company, you want to make sure you are continually building connections. And if you don’t have a qualified candidate in your database, you want to make sure you are able to source such a candidate as efficiently as possible.

To build connections, your social content should be positioning your staffing company as the best possible place to turn when looking for a job. You will also need a flexible recruiting budget. Ideally, you want your recruiting spend to vary with your need for talent. So, based on the seasonality of your business, based on the new clients you brought in, you want to be able to up your spend or decrease your spend if business falls off. You want to go to month-to-month-based pricing. And most of the job boards allow you to do this, but you want to make sure your budget is not locked in.

It’s also important to engage in proactive reputation management so that you are going out and asking people for reviews all the time. So, you’re combating the negative reviews that are inherent to staffing because the majority of people you talk to, you don’t place. So, you should be proactively asking for testimonials, video testimonials and online reviews from happy job seekers.

Finally, you want to really think about optimizing your career site, and whether it’s for internal talent or for external talent. Employment branding is bigger than ever. That means you should focus on defining your employer value proposition. What are you known for in your market? Why are you a better career partner than anybody else?

Ready To Grow Your Staffing Agency?

Have we thrown enough at you? When you’re thinking about growing a staffing agency, your marketing stack will both guide and drive your success. We’ve only scratched the surface of the three most important digital tools you will need.  If you are looking to dive deeper, check out our recent Lunch With Haley webinar, Building Your Marketing Stack with David Searns.

And if you’re ready to start building that stack or to learn more about the ways Haley Marketing can help you grow your staffing business, contact us today


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