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Haley Marketing Group Welcomes Bing to Its New PPC Product Line

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The PPC team at Haley Marketing Group is excited to offer some new pay-pay-click services to help our clients boost awareness, generate interest, and inspire desirable actions on their staffing websites while targeting the right audience, at the right timeOne of our new product offerings is the Microsoft Bing Ads network. 

Why Would Anyone Want to use Bing?!  

I know what you’re thinking, BingYou must be crazy, nobody uses Bing 

On the contrary, nearly half of the US uses the Bing networkThis search network holds some 142 million US searches, with some 60+ million people who either exclusively use Bing or use both Bing and Google for a comparison searchMicrosoft Ads currently has a hold on 37.7% of the PC search market, making it a worthy network to consider. 

I know what you’re thinking: “So what? 37% is nothing compared to Google. Maybe so, but what about those exclusive users who prefer Bing? If you reject Bing as a player, you’re saying you DONT want those potential applicants or job orders… or the benefit of being in Bing when your competition hasn’t even given Bing a sideways glance. 

It’s Not Just Searching on Bing.com  

Microsoft owns the Bing search network, which means when you advertise in this network, you also gain access to those 1.5 billion Windows devices that have the potential to deliver your message via Bing ads 

Here are just a few of the Microsoft applications that are integrated with Bing: 

  • Edge & Internet Explorer – the default browser on your Windows PC 
  • Microsoft Office products: Outlook, Excel, Word – searching in a document or right-clicking a keyword initiates a Bing search 
  • Teams, Skype 
  • Xbox 
  • MSN 
  • Alexa 
  • Cortana (that search bar from your Window lock screen and taskbar) 
  • Some SIRI queries utilize Bing 
  • And more 

Plus, when you advertise in Bing, you have access to the Bing network which includes AOL and Yahoo! – that is THREE networks rolled into oneWe also can’t dismiss the Microsoft network of premium sites for native advertising (non-search) like Fox Business and CBS Sports to name a few. 

Less Competition Means Lower Costs of Advertising  

As the name suggests, pay-per-click advertising means you set a price you are willing to pay for each user that interacts (clicks) with your adWhen you and your competitors are jockeying for the same traffic, you often need to pay more as you compete for your ads to show above your competition. The more competition in your market, the more you end up paying for each click. 

Bing might be in the shadow of Google, but the cost-per-click is often much lower due to less competitionIn fact, it is often the case that your click-through-rate (or engagement rate) is also higher in Bing than GoogleThis translates into getting more qualified users for your click budget 

At the end of the day if you’re buying a new pair of Reebok’s, do you want to pay $50 or $85This is my favorite hypothetical analogy. You are buying the same product, of equal quality, at a lower priceWhy pay more? 

Reach New and Unique Territory  

Bing is an excellent choice to complement your online strategy by filling the gaps where your presence may be lackingBut why choose Google OR Bing? Extend your digital reach to both networks to ensure you are hitting your audience, no matter what devices and applications they happen to be using and outsmart your competition. 

Do you have questions about pay-per-click advertising and want to build those valuable touchpoints with your audience? The PPC team at Haley Marketing wants to hear from you, drop us a line to discuss your needs, and Bing it on. 


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