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[Interview] Susan Wurst, Director of Account Management & Jeff Staats, CMO of Haley Marketing

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2020, the year of COVID, pushed our industry to adapt and adopt new ways of doing business. Many in the industry have said that the past 12 months have accelerated the path toward digital transformation by as much as a decade. 

Right now, as of May 2021, the staffing industry is going through unprecedented recruiting challenges. Jobs are plentiful, but people willing to work are scarce. 

So what can you do? 

For this episode of Secrets of Staffing Success, we turned to two of our leadership team members, Susan Wurst, our Director of Account Management, and Jeff Staats, our new CMO. 

Susan and Jeff bring deep technology and automation experience as well as a wealth of information on best practices for client and talent management. In this show, they share: 

  • Advice on what the industry must do right now to address our recruiting challenges. 
  • Guidance on implementing automation initiatives…and where to get started. 
  • Tips on building your employment brand to improve candidate attraction and retention. 
  • Their advice on what they see working for staffing companies throughout the industry. 
  • And even some surprising recommendations for out-of-the box recruiting tactics. 


Secrets of Staffing Success is brought to you by Haley Marketing. 


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