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[Interview] Jen and Greg Lambert from TERRA Staffing Group

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Almost every company has a mission, a vision, a list of core values but all too often, they’re just words. Words on a website, words in a strategic plan.  

But then, there are those companies that really live their values and on this episode of Secrets of Staffing Success, Vicki and I chat with Jen and Greg Lambert, the Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Executive Officer with TERRA Staffing Group.  

As you’ll hear, TERRA Staffing has achieved incredible success by truly living their values and having a willingness to do what most other staffing companies will not do. 

In this episode of Secrets of Staffing Success, Jen and Greg tell us about:  

  • Their strategies for growing from a small, family business in Seattle to a major regional staffing company with 15 offices in four states.  
  • How their desire to “work with really talented people” provided the foundation for creating a powerhouse culture and a systemic process for leadership. 
  • How TERRA Staffing Group has achieved incredible growth…without a sales force.  
  • The critical importance of living the company’s values. 
  • And of course, Jen’s favorite placement of all time!  


To learn more about TERRA Staffing Group, visit them online at www.terrastaffinggroup.com. You can also connect with Jen and Greg on LinkedIn. 


Secrets of Staffing Success is brought to you by Haley Marketing. 

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