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Employee Advocacy (part 3 of 3): How Are Staffing Companies Using Team-Based Social Sharing?

Employee Advocacy (part 3 of 3): How Are Staffing Companies Using Team-Based Social Sharing? Featured Image
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You may think you are receiving all the value out of your social media. But if your company isn’t targeting their ads with a great deal of precision, they aren’t getting the right message out.

How can you beat all the social media algorithms? In this three-part series, I share how using team-based social sharing makes a huge difference.

Part 3: How are companies using team-based social sharing?

In this series of posts, we’ll explore the ins and outs of how companies are using team-based social sharing.

Brand awareness and positioning.

Companies produce content to illustrate their positioning, convey their value proposition, and build their brand recognition. Blog posts. Infographics. Video. The content can come in any format. Once produced, these organizations invite their employees to share (more on this in a minute).

Lead generation.

Some companies use team sharing to promote services, special offers, and jobs directly. They create content with a strong call to action – and usually a focus on driving people from social media back to a landing page on the company website.

Employment branding and recruiting.

For most staffing companies, the most significant value of social sharing is recruiting. Team-based sharing increases company visibility, expands reach for job posts, and builds employment brands.

Personal branding for salespeople and recruiters.

Social sharing is not just about company branding; it’s also about building the brands (visibility and reputation) for individual contributors. In staffing, personal branding is a BIG deal because staffing is a relationship business. Job seekers want recruiters they trust, and personal branding is an ideal way to develop that trust.

How do you get your team to play along?

If you’ve ever tried to get your team to share company content, you know the frustration. You create amazing content. You promote it to your team. You send countless email reminders.

And crickets…

Or maybe your team shares the company content for a week or two, and then it stops.

To ensure the success of your team social sharing, don’t beg, automate!

There are lots of tools available that can help you to automate sharing. Two that we’ve used for a long time at Haley Marketing are Buffer and Dlvr.IT. They are great for individuals that want to put their social sharing on autopilot.

But what if you want more control…or at least more coordination?

That’s why we created NetSocial.

NetSocial is a software to automate social sharing across your entire organization. Recruiting. Lead generation. Branding. NetSocial increases your content reach…and your social marketing impact.

NetSocial is a platform for managing and automating the sharing of content to social networks, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The beauty of NetSocial is that it allows you to centralize content curation, so you keep control over what your people share. You can create sharing groups for your entire company, individual branch offices, sales teams, recruiters, people who work in the same job specialty, or any other group you choose. With centralized curation, you select the content you want each group to share.

Content sharing is distributed for your people, so individuals stay in complete control over their social networks. Each person can choose when to share, where to share, and whether they want to approve content before it is shared (approvals can be done via text or email).

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Ready to learn more about team social sharing?

Watch our on-demand webinar: Team Social Sharing: What is it? How to do it right

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