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[Interview] Jan Jedlinski, Founder and CEO at Candidately & Gustav

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How do you go from the hospitality industry…to staffing…to creating VMS software…to changing how an industry operates all within 5 years?

For Jan Jedlinski, it was a perfectly natural progression. Jan is the Founder and CEO of Candidately, Gustav, and the World Staffing Organization. He’s a technology entrepreneur with a bold vision to improve how staffing companies engage with clients and candidates.

On this episode of Secrets of Staffing Success, Jan shares the story of how he went from hospitality school to technology leader. We talk in detail about:

  • The importance of technology as a tool to enhance(not replace) the capabilities of staffing sales professionals and recruiters.
  • The future of staffing and the importance of integrating technology, process, and brand to create competitive differentiation.
  • Jan’s amazing success (and lessons learned) from creating the World Staffing Summit, an event that went from an idea to a conference that attracted more than 12,000 staffing professionals in less than six months.
  • How Jan built and manages a global team, with staff in seven countries across four continents to drive Gustav and Candidately.


Connect with Jan on LinkedIn and learn more about Candidately and Gustav. 


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