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[Interview] Aaron Grossman, CEO of Talent Launch

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How much are you looking to grow your business? 10% 20% Maybe even 50%

Today’s guest, Aaron Grossman is looking to scale his staffing business to $1 billion dollars over the next seven years! He’s executing a bold vision to create a national staffing company, but one with a very different growth strategy.

Rather than opening lots of branch offices or trying to become the next UBER of staffing, his model is focused on buying…and growing…small staffing companies. He’s providing the resources and infrastructure that staffing companies need to drive substantial growth and effectively compete in the coming years.

In today’s episode, Aaron talks to us about his vision, the critical importance of culture (and his very unique take on bringing culture to life), the value of big thinking, and what his company, TalentLaunch, is doing to build a platform to drive growth for the operating companies he’s acquiring.

Here are a few of the topics we discuss:

  •  A powerful and unrelenting focus on culture 
  • Big thinking
  • Developing a platform to drive growth for operating companies
  • Building a system for creating business intelligence…and a data driven organization
  • Technology to supercharge processes
  • Elevating marketing to a strategic role
  • Having the courage to reinvent the business (people and process) as the business grows and not be tied to legacy thinking

If you’d like to know more about TalentLaunch and their culture and vision, check out their website at https://www.mytalentlaunch.com.

And if you’re interested in connecting with Aaron, or possibly becoming part of the TalentLaunch organization, connect with Aaron on LinkedIn.

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