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[Interview] Bradley Block, COO of Staffing the Universe

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Very few companies successfully transition from one generation to the next. And far fewer make it to the third generation. But at Staffing the Universe, family is at the heart of the business—and one of the biggest reasons this company has been so incredibly successful for the past 40 years.

In this episode of Secrets of Staffing Success, we have Bradley Block LIVE from Staffing World* as we learn all about:

  • The core values that provide the foundation for the family and the business.
  • The secrets to Thanksgiving dinner (AKA – how to balance work and family…and Monti’s quiet way of letting everyone know when there’s been “enough” business talk).
  • The unique way the company has been structured to diversify and support growth.
  • Keys to Staffing the Universe’s ability to grow (hint: it’s not just about revenue and KPIs; this is truly a values based business!).
  • How the family build a strong leadership team and successfully integrated professional management into their operations.
  • The importance of actively pursuing diversity of thought.
  • COVID silver linings.
  • And why Brad loves coming to Staffing World.


If you’d like to know more about Brad and Staffing the universe, here’s how you can connect:

Connect with Bradley on LinkedIn

Visit Staffing the Universe

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