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5 Things You Should Do When You Implement an Automation Platform 

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Have you heard that automation is the future of staffing?

Guess what? The future is already here! 

Many staffing firms have invested in an automation platform to improve candidate engagement and recruiter productivity throughout the employment lifecycle. The potential benefits are enormous: 

  • Better candidate experience
  • More time spent on relationship building 
  • Less time spent on data entry
  • Fewer no-call/no-shows
  • Higher redeployment rates

However, the road to automation requires a map.  

Have you recently invested in an automation platform? Before you set out on your journey—and before you begin building them—you need to get road ready.  

Put these items on your to-do list to get the most from your investment. 

Pick a Driver  

Executing successful automation workflows requires determination, focus, and attention to detail. An invested internal champion with unswerving dedication to going the distance will mean the difference between parking in the winner’s circle or spinning your wheels in a rut. Know who is in the driver’s seat. An expert automation consultant can help your firm navigate the course, but you’ll need a responsive, hands-on-the-wheel driver inside your firm.  

Find Your Starting Line 

You invested in an automation platform because you have goals. Doubtless, you’ll want to measure your progress toward these goals. This means you need to have a starting line. Document processes you want to improve and create a set of benchmarks to ensure progress is made.  

Create a Roadmap 

A world-class candidate experience must start somewhere. Identify your key candidate touchpoints—or find your gaps. Are candidates no-showing? Put a start date reminder on your automation roadmap. Or consider other pre-deployment journeys such as providing onboarding materials or first-day instructions. Losing candidates somewhere else within their lifecycle? Put that journey on your map! You know your business best. 

Watch the Dashboard 

Use the robust analytics of your automation platform to make your journeys more effective. Keep an eye on: 

  • Open rate 
  • Click through 
  • Replies 

Experiment with messaging, timing, and audiences to improve your results in real time. There is no substitute for experience! Then use what you learned from your first journey to make the next one even better. If the results of a journey disappoint, ask for feedback from candidates, recruiters, and your team, too. Information gained provides an opportunity to improve engagement! 

Cultivate a Taste for Adventure 

It’s likely that once you get on the automation road, your map will begin to expand. That means you’re doing it right. Because the first rule of the automation winner’s circle is there is no winner’s circle! Keep your foot on the gas and keep driving. Did your first-week check-in journey get an enthusiastic response? That’s fantastic! Capture all that goodwill by adding a referral request touchpoint to improve your NPS. One journey will lead to another, and your map—and your business—will grow. 

Struggling with your automation to-do list? Need an expert set of eyes to audit your Sense or Herefish journeys? Our automation optimization pit crew can help you build a map and get you on the road to automation ROI! Contact us today.

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