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Save Time and Find Best-Fit Candidates with Our Career Portal’s New Resume-Matching Feature: TalentMatch

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Wasting precious hours on unqualified resumes?

Spending too much time editing resumes before they’re suitable to present to clients?

We have great news!

Haley Marketing has partnered with ​​Talent Inc. to launch the latest in a suite of highly effective career-services tools – TalentMatch. TalentMatch helps take the guesswork out of job search qualifications, giving recruiters more time to do what they’re great at: connecting qualified talent with the right opportunities.

What is TalentMatch?

TalentMatch is a new Career Portal feature that helps you save time and identify best-fit candidates. This innovative candidate-facing widget is designed to help increase the quality of the resumes you receive via your Career Portal, and to help you weed out unqualified applicants by viewing a weighted measure of “Candidate Fit” in myHaley.

If you have Haley Marketing’s Career Portal and are utilizing the Haley Marketing application, this tool will be added on April 11th for each open position. You will have the option to enable or disable this feature.

How does TalentMatch work?

TalentMatch’s eight-factor algorithm pulls in key data from a job seeker’s resume/CV and compares it to job descriptions on your website. Candidates instantly discover if their resume/CV is a good fit for a role, and equipped with real-time insights, they can use the results to improve and accelerate their application submissions.

Watch this 2-minute explainer video to learn more!

Benefits for Candidates:

Your candidates will be able to instantly determine if they are a fit for a job before applying. Candidates will also have the opportunity to create or improve their resumes (i.e., better present their skills), making them a better fit for more jobs.

Benefits for YOU:

Powerful filtering capabilities in this integration help you better qualify application responses to see which candidates are a fit and in which areas.

TalentMatch will help you reduce the need for recruiters to waste time editing or creating resumes for candidates: candidates can do it on their own using a resume builder or get low-cost professional help.

We’re confident this tool will enhance the job seeker experience, save recruiters’ time, curate higher-quality resumes/CVs — and ultimately make more placements!

To learn more about the TalentMatch tool, check out our Help Center Article and TalentMatch FAQ.

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