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Drive Greater ROI From Your Staffing Firm’s Automation Platform: Part 3 – Plan Your Race

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Staffing firms have adopted automation platforms for process and engagement tasks and to give recruiters more time to focus on higher-level tasks, but automation isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Automation platforms need a lot of attention, but they save recruiters time and money. You need the right crew to ensure your workflows are efficient and high-performing and to help you improve your employer brand.

Good thing our Haley Marketing automation pit crew is familiar with the road ahead of you. We know what you need to gain traction, overcome obstacles, and get true ROI from your automation platform.  

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Plan Your Race 

(Reminder: This is a checklist. Make sure to answer yes or no to each question.) 

Quick Wins 

  • Do you have workflows asking for reviews and referrals? 
  • Do you wish your candidates a happy birthday and a happy anniversary? 
  • Do you have other one-touchpoint workflows to engage candidates?

Candidate Experience 

  • Have you walked your candidate experience to find new engagement opportunities? 
  • Do you reassess your candidate experience frequently? 
  • Do you have automations to engage candidates in every stage of the process (source, qualify, hire, retain, redeploy)? 
  • Do you have sales automations to keep your firm in front of active and passive clients? 

Did You Pass Inspection? 

If most of your responses were “YES,” congratulations! You’re on the road to marketing automation success. 

But if you found a lot of “NO” responses, then you might need some help navigating your journey to finding true value and ROI from your automation platform. 

And that’s where we come in. 

Our customized, step-by-step, collaborative process can help you find opportunities to engage candidates, nurture clients, and smooth internal processes—while measuring your results and progress. 

We’ll hit the road with you, help you get up to speed, and set a course for better talent engagement and driving sales for your staffing firm. 

Moving Forward

Contact us today to see how our automation optimization experts can create a customized roadmap for your marketing automation adventures. You can also download the full Smart Automation Checklist here.

To learn more about any of our services or brainstorm automation ideas specifically to help your firm, contact us at 1.888.696.2900 or [email protected].

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