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Top 18 Marketing Strategies & Tactics for 2023: Part 3- Support Your Sales People

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Marketing in the staffing industry in 2023 looks different than in the past. It’s now all about selling. Lead generation. Sales automation. And building digital marketing conversion funnels. While recruitment marketing will remain important, staffing and recruiting firms must do more in 2023 to stand out, stay top-of-mind, and drive sales.

This blog post will discuss Part 3, which will address 4 strategies and tactics to help support your sales people.

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Idea 1:

Sales Automation

Part 1: Top-of-funnel automation

From chatbots to marketing automation tools like HubSpot and ActiveCampaign, top-of-funnel automation is about getting people to engage with your content: nurturing relationships and developing interest in the value of your staffing services.  

At the top of the funnel, you are giving people a reason to take action (e.g., downloading a salary guide, watching an on-demand webinar, opting-in to an email publication) and then automating follow-up to build relationships, position your firm, and open the door to sales opportunities. 

Part 2: Mid-funnel automation 

At the top of the funnel, prospects are referred to as MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads). At the mid-funnel, the goal is to transition MQLs to SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads). 

Mid-funnel automation is about developing interest in the value of your services (i.e., the specific business problems you can solve), building credibility for your company, and getting prospects to want to meet with your team.  

 Common tools in mid-funnel automation include:  

  • Blog posts and whitepapers (directly related to the value of your services) 
  • Promotional videos 
  • Case studies  
  • Testimonials and reviews 
  • Direct calls to action (e.g., schedule a consultation)

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Idea 2:

Asynchronous selling  

Who has time for meetings? No one! 

Getting on your prospect’s calendar has become harder than ever. So rather than try to force a meeting, create asynchronous (one-way) communication channels using video. 

From video emails to recorded presentations, asynchronous communication can be an ideal mechanism for initial outreach, introducing specific services, and presenting proposals.  

Asynchronous selling is designed to make it faster, easier, and more convenient for staffing decision-makers to buy your services.

>Want to see an example of how we use asynchronous selling at Haley Marketing?  Here is a product landing page that we use to introduce our SEO services for staffing agencies.

Idea 3:

Differentiate your sales outreach  

In 2023, everyone will be making more cold calls.  

Rather than just pound the phones (like your competitors), get creative with mail, drop-offs, video email. And focus on your company mission, vision, values, and results as a real differentiator.

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Idea 4:

Sales training 101 (and sales support 201) 

We’ve had an amazing run in the staffing industry over the past decade…and hopefully it will continue into 2023 and beyond.  

But good times can make for bad selling. If your salespeople have become more “order takers” than “order makers,” it may be time for some upskilling. 

From understanding your company’s value proposition, to developing expertise in the economic value of staffing services, to mastering sales methods like Sandler, SPIN selling, or others, you want to ensure that your sales team have the tools and training to be expert staffing and workforce management consultants. 

Bonus Point!
With so much selling being done remotely, your sales team may require new tools to maximize their impact, which can include digital collateral, product/service landing pages, video email, and more! 

Up Next: Top 18 Marketing Strategies & Tactics for 2023: Part 4- Expand Your Client Base

Our next post will discuss 5 marketing strategies and tactics to help you expand your client base. If you don’t want to wait, you can access the full ebook here.

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