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Top 18 Marketing Strategies & Tactics for 2023: Part 2- Build Your Brand

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Marketing in the staffing industry has been about recruiting. Job ads. Employment branding. Social media. Local SEO. Programmatic. And more, but now, it’s about selling. Lead generation. Sales automation. And building digital marketing conversion funnels. While recruitment marketing will remain important, staffing and recruiting firms must do more in 2023 to stand out, stay top-of-mind, and drive sales.

This blog post shares 4 strategies and tactics to help build your brand.

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Idea 1:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There are more than 150 million searches per month for staffing services and specialized recruiters. But are these searchers finding your site?

To win the battle for Google supremacy, you need to consistently create content. And the best content (for SEO purposes) answers the questions employers are asking about staffing, hiring, and workforce management.

>Want to know our favorite content creation hack? Start with video! Jump on Zoom and answer questions. Do a regular LinkedIn Live show. Create webinars. Then take your video and get a transcript made (we use REV.com). With this process, you get video content, social content, and long-form content for SEO!

Idea 2:

Be social… with a purpose

A great social media strategy requires more than being active on LinkedIn or striving to create the next viral TikTok video.

In 2023, make sure every post has a purpose. If your audience is scrolling down the social media highway at 100 MPH…how will you catch their attention?

To develop your 2023 social strategy:

  • Define your goals – what do you want social to do for your business?
  • Develop your strategy – whom are you trying to reach, and why would they engage with you?
  • Create monthly content plans – match the needs, interests, desires, and aspirations of your target audiences.
  • Be consistent – incorporate a combination of manual and automated posting.
  • Add value. Be human.

Idea 3:

Take risks

Sales, recruiting, and marketing are all part art and part science. To maximize your results, bring out your inner artist, experiment, and have fun!

  • Try different types of content (educational, promotional, relational)
  • Experiment with different formats (print, digital, written, video, audio)
  • Be bold (dimensional mailers, drop-offs, provocative messages)

>Confession…Some of our greatest marketing successes came on the heels of our biggest failures. Not everything you try will work, and that’s okay…as long as you learn from it!

Idea 4:

Prioritize ROI

It’s time to demand more from your marketing!

Good times or bad, you want the biggest bang for your marketing buck. Some activities are easy to track – they directly drive response, and you can count the conversions (responses).

Others are more challenging, and you need to use more advanced analytics to look at “assisted conversions” – where one activity results in a second activity that drives the conversion.

Ideally, you should be looking at your analytics at least once a month and adjusting your strategies (and potentially shifting your marketing investment) once a quarter.

Up Next: Top 18 Marketing Strategies & Tactics for 2023: Part 3- Support Your Sales People

Our next post will discuss 4 marketing strategies and tactics to help you support your salespeople. If you don’t want to wait, you can access the full ebook here.

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