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5 Essential Strategies for Successful Paid Advertising: Part 2 – Custom Landing Pages & Ad Channels

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Want better results from your staffing firm’s PPC campaign? This 3-part series of blog posts shares essential strategies to help you get the most out of your PPC budget:

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5 Essential Strategies for Successful Paid Advertising: Part 1 – Enhancing Your Website

Custom Landing Pages Are an Ad’s Best Friend

Whether your website is 5 days old or 5 years old, a custom landing page is always a recommended strategy for paid ads. It’s a valuable tactic because of the core features a landing page contains:  

  • One Page. One Purpose: This is the same best practice that should be carried across all your website’s pages – each page has a single purpose that speaks to a specific audience. The more variety your content has on a single page, the more confusing your delivery will be, and the less likely users will include you in their final decision-making process. For each page, have one core focus that speaks to one audience, and you’ll be good to go!
  • Quick, Straight-Forward Messaging: Landing pages should be considered an extension of your ad and build on the initial information shared in an ad’s copy. The faster and easier you’re able to communicate that your agency can resolve a candidate’s or a client’s pain point, the more likely they are to act. Best practices include minimal text, bulleted lists and captivating call-to-actions (CTAs).
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Easy access to contact forms and phone numbers is essential to CRO and landing pages. Remember, we have seconds to maintain a PPC user’s attention. Within those seconds, we need to communicate why you’re their best choice and give them an easy (essentially, immediate) way to take the next step with you. Have CTAs and contact options above the fold of your landing page to ensure instant access once a visitor enters the page.  

Yes – Choosing the Right Ad Channel Matters

Before you invest your PPC budget in any network (e.g., Google Display, Facebook or Bing), be sure it’s the right place to start.  

How do you know what network your audience is in?  

What are your goals?

  • If you are looking for branding and awareness, a Google Display or YouTube campaign would be a good start. Branded search campaigns also work well here. If you want to build your social presence, a Facebook Like campaign or visibility campaign is the easy answer.  
  • Are you looking to increase applications or sales leads? Google/Bing search might be your first choice. Facebook and LinkedIn offer on-site Lead Generation forms to capture information without having to leave the platform. 

What is your competition doing?

  • If your biggest competitor is in Google Search, you should consider a search campaign. 
  • Is their social following and presence more impressive than yours? 
  • If your competition doesn’t seem to be doing anything at all, it works in your favor. Staying visible and top-of-mind will pay off. Don’t let your audience think you’ve gone out of business. 

Where does your audience hang out? Can you target your audience easily?

  • Your audience may be on Facebook, but can you effectively layer the audience targeting to reach them? Or are the available targeting methods too limited?
  • If you are in a super niche market, the “right” keywords may not bring in enough volume or any volume of traffic at all.  

 Do you have enough budget for a reasonable test?

  • LinkedIn is ideal for reaching any professional audience, but the investment required is substantial.  
  • Some industries are more competitive in search with significantly higher CPCs which require a higher daily budget than others. 
  • Your geo-targeted area also matters; your daily budget can only stretch so far. Casting too large a net could set you up for failure without the supporting budget. 

Ultimately you won’t know if you chose the right network until you test, but you don’t have to launch your campaign blindly.  

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