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Yikes! Prevent Costly Mistakes with These Proven Staffing Sales Strategies (2024 Staffing Sales Survey Results)

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Recent years have presented a series of unprecedented shifts and challenges in the staffing industry. Traditional sales paradigms are rapidly losing effectiveness, making way for innovative strategies that leverage technology to meet changing client expectations.

“What’s Working Now?”, our Staffing Sales Survey, sheds light on evolving sales strategies to provide actionable tips to help your firm boost sales performance and stay ahead of the competition in 2024.

Which sales methods are most effective for your competition? Read on…

Most Effective Staffing Sales Methods

In an industry where relationships are currency, understanding which staffing sales methods resonate with clients is crucial. The survey reveals a significant insight into the methods that staffing firms find most rewarding.

  1. Networking/referrals. Undoubtedly, personal connections and word-of-mouth remain supreme.
  2. Skill marketing/Most Placeable Candidate (MPC) calls. Showcasing the talents and skills of candidates has proven highly effective.
  3. Marketing automation platforms/LinkedIn InMail. These sales tools were nearly tied for effectiveness in connecting with new buyers.

Least Effective Staffing Sales Methods (Based on average ratings)

Identifying and refining the approach to the least effective methods can unlock new opportunities and optimize resource allocation.

  1. Bulk email. Like unsolicited emails, bulk emails fail to deliver personalization, rendering them less effective.
  2. Cold calling (by phone) and cold email (unsolicited) are seeing diminishing returns in the digital age, where personalized interaction is preferred.

Takeaways and Recommendations for 2024

  • Use best practices. Continue to count on tried and true sales methods like networking, referrals, and skill marketing.
  • Add value. Demonstrate that you understand your prospects’ challenges and have relevant solutions before you start to sell staffing services.
  • Personalize your selling. Adopt a more targeted and personalized approach to digital outreach.
  • Differentiate your sales process. Study the competition’s sales methods and then do something different! For example, integrating direct mail can have a greater impact when the competition is focusing on digital-only marketing.
  • Create a lively marketing mix. Take advantage of traditional old-school marketing (calls, drop-bys, skill marketing, mail) while leveraging new methods (retargeting ads, social media, sales automation, video). Invest in building and nurturing personal connections.
  • Use content marketing to open doors. Strategic content marketing can strengthen your positioning, differentiate your brand, illustrate your value, and provide a constant stream of conversation starters.

Looking for more insights to help your firm embrace market shifts as new opportunities? Download “What’s Working Now?” and get data, insights, and recommendations for 2024 TODAY!

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