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Make an IMPACT Idea #4: Match Your Message to the Audience

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Don’t Sell GPS to a Homing Pigeon

Just as a keynote speaker wouldn’t give the same presentation to an audience of grade schoolers as they would a convention of professionals, your sales reps shouldn’t deliver a one-size-fits-all pitch.

Staffing buyers differ in needs and challenges, from the healthcare organization seeking caring nurses to the tech startup hunting for next-gen software developers. Understanding your audience is the first step to crafting a message that resonates and ultimately influences purchase decisions.

Create Custom Strategies for Every Buyer

Each staffing buyer will derive a different value from your services. For the veteran hiring manager, it might be the unique assessment tests your firm conducts to find top performers. For a startup’s founder, the value could be the time saved by outsourcing hiring to experts. Understanding your prospects’ daily struggles can help your reps position your staffing services as the solution to their problems.

Here’s how you can become an expert on your prospective clients’ pain points:

Dive into Deep Market Research

The first step in understanding your buyers is through comprehensive market research. This involves going beyond surface-level information and diving deep into industry reports, trend analyses, and competitor studies to uncover the underlying issues your clients face. By staying informed about the latest developments and shifts within your buyer’s industry, your sales reps can anticipate needs and offer proactive solutions. This level of diligence demonstrates your commitment to their success and builds a stronger, trust-based relationship.

Ask Personalized, Insightful Questions

The magic often happens in direct interactions with your clients. While market research provides a solid foundation, personalized questions during sales conversations can reveal specific challenges and aspirations unique to each buyer. Encourage your sales team to adopt a consultative approach, focusing on open-ended questions that encourage buyers to share their experiences and needs. For example, asking, “What challenges are you currently facing with your staffing needs?” can open the door to rich insights that generic questions can’t access.

Synthesize and Strategize

With a wealth of information gathered from market research and personal interactions, your sales team is now equipped to craft strategies that address the real issues. Pooling your knowledge can help you develop tailored proposals that highlight exactly how your services can solve your prospects’ unique problems.


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