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Reputation Management

A Proactive Approach To Reputation Management Helped This Company Combat Negative Comments

See how being proactive helped combat negative reviews and strengthen this company's reputation.

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge 

Help our client recover from negative online reviews after a large government contract standardized wages, driving down pay rates. 

The Solution 

Leverage reputation management services to help the client connect with happy and satisfied people motivated to leave positive reviews online and get ahead of negative reviews.  

The Results  

Across three platforms, the client saw a 102% average increase in 5-star reviews from genuinely happy people. 

Client Background and Challenges

As part of an initiative to work with private sector firms, an independent federal agency hired our client to manage individual subcontractors, streamline processes, and ensure maximum efficiency.  

Our client was awarded a five-year contract for the agency’s New England region. Throughout the engagement, they expanded their service into other states. Unfortunately, that meant hiring practices and pay rates were standardized, causing many independent subcontractors to see their compensation reduced.  

As that pay rate reduction happened, people began leaving negative reviews for our client, impacting their reputation and making it more difficult to recruit talented people. 

The Solution

This client was referred to Haley Marketing through another marketing firm because they needed help managing their online reputation in the face of this challenge. The number of negative reviews they had accumulated due to pay rate reduction by the federal agency was impacting their ability to recruit. They needed to build up and proactively protect the reputation they had worked years to build. 

Our team reviewed the client’s online reputation to determine which platforms received the most attention and activity. This showed us where to prioritize our efforts. We concluded that Indeed and Glassdoor were the primary targets for reputation management, and Facebook was a secondary target.

The Results

The results of our efforts were extremely positive. By proactively reaching out to the individual subcontractors, asking them to fill out a satisfaction survey, our client was able to increase their number of positive reviews, get ahead of potential negative reviews, and boosting their average rating. 

Overall account performance 

  • 90.8% of survey invitees are opening the survey invitation email  
  • 50.6% of those who open the survey, take it  
  • 61% positive survey respondents and encouraged to share their feedback online 

 Indeed performance 

  • 49% increase in total reviews and a 22% boost in ratings in one month for an approximately 3-year-old account 
  • 130% increase in 5-Star reviews in 1 month for an approximately 3-year-old account 
  • Zero new 1-Star reviews 
  • Zero new 2-Stars reviews 

Glassdoor performance 

  • 21% increase in total reviews and a 15% boost in ratings in 1 month for an approximately 5-year-old account 
  • 75% increase in 5-Star reviews in 1 month for an approximately 5-year-old account 
  • 1 new 1-Star review (from outside of the Reputation Management tool) 
  • Zero new 2-Stars reviews 

Facebook performance 

  • 33% increase in total reviews in 1 month for an approximately 4-year-old account 

Haley Marketing Group’s reputation management services can help your firm connect with happy and satisfied clients and candidates, and get ahead of negative reviews, allowing you to protect your staffing firm’s good name.  

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