Automated Job Title Testing TRIPLES CNA Applications!

A medical staffing agency
Programmatic Job Advertising

Testing job titles helps recruiters get more response from their job ads. Check out how we automated testing to generate three times the number of applies from Certified Nursing Assistants.

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge:

A medical staffing agency featured a variety of job openings in Georgia, struggling to collect applications for their open healthcare jobs.

The Solution:

Implement job title variations through programmatic software to create additional job titles instantly as new healthcare jobs get posted.

The Results:

Healthcare recruiters received 29 additional applications for certified nurse assistant jobs without having to create additional job orders or post additional job advertisements.

Client Background and Challenge

As a healthcare staffing agency, receiving applications continues to be a challenge, the hardest of any industry. Any edge to beat the competition to recruiting quality healthcare candidates is vital.

Healthcare recruiters spend a lot of time to receive job applications and then to recruit those candidates to accept their offers and assignments. Being able to test different aspects of the job advertisements takes time that healthcare recruiters don’t have.

The Solution

Automatically testing different job titles by utilizing a feature of programmatic software. Instead of asking the healthcare recruiters to create different job postings and track the results, we created a system to create unique job titles based on the original job advertisement.

When an LTC CNA posts, the software creates alternate job postings. Then, we can analyze the results and make recommendations to the healthcare recruiters on how to adjust.

The Results

Job titles can make a big impact on applications, but it’s difficult to know which job titles will work best for the types of people you recruit in your market.

Most staffing agencies don’t have the time, budget or resources to test different job titles for each of their open jobs. But with programmatic software, we can instantly and automatically test multiple job-title variations.

For this healthcare staffing company, the original job title was LTC CNA. Our client told us their candidates recognize this acronym, and they did not expect much result from using different titles.

We recommended testing the following two job-title variations, and here are the results:

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