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$100 Goes a Long Way! How One Staffing Firm Quickly Grew Their Social Audience

With just $100 per month, we nearly doubled Vector Technical Inc's Facebook Likes in less than one year… and the likes kept coming! In 18 months, page likes increased 265 percent!

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge:

Build a social media following to connect with job seekers and hiring managers – and build their online reputation as an employer of choice.

The Solution:

Using just $100 and our social media team’s know-how, we helped this client build their target audiences to serve Facebook advertisements to.

The Results:

In less than one year, this staffing firm nearly doubled their Facebook audience!

Client Background and Challenges

Serving the northeastern Ohio market, Vector Technical, Inc. provides employers with a more reliable process for hiring and helps thousands of job seekers advance their careers.To become an employer of choice, they had to develop an online reputation that matched their already stellar word-of-mouth reputation. They knew they were missing huge opportunities on Facebook to share great resources with hiring managers and job opportunities with prospective candidates.

Thanks to HaleyMail, and Blog Writing Vector Technical already had an amazing library of content to share, as well as great jobs to post. What they needed was a captive audience.

A client of ours for over a decade, Vector Technical naturally asked our team for help.

The Solution

Vector Technical was already a Social Pro client, so the solution was simple:

Build their target audiences on Facebook to serve advertisements to.

The implementation was a bit more complex, but our team did the heavy lifting. Here are the steps we took to grow their Likes on Facebook:

  1. Evolved Social Pro. We expanded Vector Technical’s program to include paid advertising on Facebook. After observing audience growth patterns, our team realized that while we could increase page Likes and audience size without an advertising budget, we could increase page Likes dramatically by investing in a Like campaign.
  2. Defined Target Audiences. We exported their candidate list and uploaded it to Facebook’s Business Manager to match candidate emails with emails that were connected to existing Facebook accounts.
  3. Defined a Lookalike Audience. Using this list, we were able to pinpoint target Facebook users that had similar interests to the accounts and profiles from step 2.
  4. Created a Persona. To create a bigger pool of people to serve advertisements to, we created a Persona and built the ideal candidate in Facebook. This allowed us to serve ads to people that were within Vector Technical’s target demographic and shared similar interests with our ideal candidate.
  5. Served Advertisements to All Three! After launching the ad campaign, we continually monitored its effectiveness and adjusted when necessary by: changing ad copy; switching imagery; uploading list additions; and tweaking criteria for the Persona we had created.

The Results

With just $100 per month, we nearly doubled Vector Technical’s Facebook Likes in less than one year… and the likes kept coming. In 18 months, page likes increased 265 percent.

In our client’s words:

“Since we started with Social Pro, we have seen a significant increase in unique visitor traffic to our website. Our recruiters are getting candidate applications on a daily basis resulting from Social Pro. The increased web traffic has also generated New Business and has doubled the likes on our FB page. For the cost, Social Pro is a game changer.”

Tim Bleich, Owner, Vector Technical Inc.

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