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How One Staffing Firm Survived a 40% Revenue Loss – With Shareworthy Service From Our Marketing Experts

Consulting with Haley Marketing on strategic marketing budget cuts helped this staffing firm demonstrate ROI to their internal stakeholders and align their budget for short-term needs—while targeting a full financial recovery.

Staffing firm with $25 million-$100 million in annual sales
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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge:

To identify which marketing tactics were essential to sales and recruiting and which tactics could be temporarily suspended to aid recovery from a 40% loss in revenue.

The Solution:

Create a marketing proposal that addressed the client’s current financial needs, supported their team’s most-used internal marketing tactics, and provided immediate value.

The Results:

A 68% increase in direct website traffic and a stronger relationship with our valued, long-term client.

Client Background and Challenge

When a long-time client of Haley Marketing sustained a 40% loss in revenue overnight, they turned to Haley Marketing to help them strategically align their marketing efforts and reduce short-term costs. Since we’d partnered with them on marketing strategy, websites, social media, email marketing, direct mail campaigns, and many other services throughout the years, they trusted us to help during this crisis.

Our Goal:
Cut marketing costs across the board while maintaining online visibility to protect this firm's clients and candidates from staffing competitors that continue to stay top-of-mind.

The Solution

To help them determine what marketing tactics they needed to maintain to support their current needs (while keeping an eye toward financial recovery), we suggested they put their marketing tactics into three buckets: essential, helpful, and long-term. Haley Marketing then:

  • Collected data and discussed the ROI and impact of each of their current tactics in a deep-dive, honest conversation.
  • Reviewed anecdotal information on specific tactics that their internal marketing team viewed as essential.
  • Met separately to create a proposal that would address the current financial needs of our client, support their team’s most-used marketing tactics, and provide immediate value by keeping the client visible.

The Results

Haley Marketing helped the client send 4 emails per month to their client and candidate lists, including 30 branded emails and 220,000 total emails in the last year.

Our partnership with this client grew stronger through the opportunity to show that we have their long-term best interests at heart, even when it affects our short-term bottom line. We are happy to report this client has seen gains from our strategic proposal, even with temporarily pared-down marketing services, and continues to be a valued partner and HMG advocate!

Website traffic is 25% higher for Q3 of this year compared to last year (29,797 new users!) 

  • 68% increase in direct website traffic
  • 2% increase in organic social media traffic
  • 30 branded emails sent to drive business and applications
  • 220,000 emails sent in the last year
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