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Programmatic Job Advertising

Getting With the Program(matic)

Programmatic Increases Qualified Applications and Eliminates Wasted Job Board Spend.

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge:

Help our client recruit more qualified candidates and spend smarter on job boards.

The Solution:

We designed a programmatic advertising solution to improve targeted job board distribution, make better spend decisions and generate more applications.

The Results:

Programmatic increased applications by 8% – in just one month – without increasing cost per application.

Client Background and Challenges

Local and family-owned, BOS Staffing is a staffing and workforce solutions company that has served employers and job seekers throughout Georgia since 1979. They also have two specialized divisions, BOS Medical (a healthcare staffing company serving nurses and healthcare facilities throughout Georgia) and BOS Security (providing security industry staffing services for both private and public sector clients in Georgia).Like most staffing agencies, BOS struggled to find quality candidates. The loss of organic traffic from Indeed, low unemployment and intense competition only compounded their recruiting challenges. Thrilled with the new websites and blogging programs we developed for them, BOS Staffing President Nat Carmack to reach out to Haley Marketing for a smarter way to maximize the ROI from their job board spend and improve their recruiting results.

The Solution

Programmatic Job Advertising

Programmatic provides the ideal balance of “man and machine” to optimize job board spend and recruiting results:

  • It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to make better decisions and serve advertisements to the people who are most likely to engage with the content.
  • At the same time, our performance marketing experts manage and refine the program to drive sufficient qualified applications at an affordable cost.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of programmatic job advertising, this post provides a great primer to get you up to speed on the terminology and benefits of this technique.

After carefully analyzing their recruiting challenges and goals, our performance marketing specialists recommended a programmatic approach to drive more qualified applications, while maximizing the efficiency of their job advertising spend:

  1. First, we set up specific campaigns based on the various industries in which they recruited: office/administrative, light industrial, healthcare and security.
  2. Next, we created distribution and bidding rules to meet the urgency of their recruiting needs. For example, we allocated higher budgets for hard-to-fill, immediate needs.
  3. Then, we worked with job publishers to find the best solutions for distributing BOS’ jobs. We even found new networks for their jobs, including the Appcast Exchange network (a blind network of 10,000 job sites), neuvoo and ZipRecruiter.
  4. Once initial job performance data came in, our experts continually refined the program to meet their changing needs and further improve their results.

The Results

Programmatic job advertising has been extremely effective in helping BOS recruit more qualified job seekers – without impacting their cost per application:

Reduced “zero application” jobs from 67% to 3%!

  • In the month prior to starting programmatic: Of 92 sponsored jobs on Indeed, 62 received no sponsored applications.
  • In the first month of programmatic: BOS Staffing sponsored 66 jobs, and just 2 received no sponsored applications.


Increased total applications by 8% without increasing cost per application (CPA).

  • In the month prior to starting programmatic: $7.41 CPA, 6.0% conversion rate
  • In the first month of programmatic: $7.49 CPA, 7.1% conversion rate, which led to 53 more applications (8% increase)

Expanded job titles to generate more applications.

For BOS Medical, we expanded their old job title of “LTC CNA” to “LTC Certified Nurse Aide,” “LTC Certified Nurse Assistant” and “Long-Term Care CNA.” We also expanded their “LPN” job title to “Licensed Practical Nurse.”



In just the first three weeks, these title expansions:

  • Increased applications by 142%
  • Decreased cost per application (CPA) by more than 30%


Struggling to recruit qualified candidates? Want to maximize the performance of your job board advertising?

By using data, rules-based bidding and machine learning, a programmatic approach can help you:

  • Cost-effectively reach the right job candidates to generate more qualified applications.
  • Simplify and automate job distribution to maximize reach and results.
  • Eliminate wasted job board spend on candidates you don’t need.
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