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Staffing Firm Sees 82% Increase in Job Applications!

Our social media experts executed an award-winning social media campaign to grow this client's candidate audience, generate more qualified applications and drive targeted traffic to their website.

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge:

Attract, engage and convince qualified tech candidates to apply with our client during a time of record-low unemployment.

The Solution:

We helped this staffing firm acquire more Facebook followers looking for work – and apply the right social media strategy to drive targeted traffic and generate more applications.

The Results:

In one year, this campaign increased followers by 147% and increased job applications by 82%!

Serving the northeastern Ohio market, Vector Technical, Inc. provides employers with a more reliable process for hiring and helps thousands of job seekers advance their careers.Like most tech staffing firms, record-low unemployment made recruiting qualified candidates extremely challenging. They knew they were missing huge opportunities on Facebook to engage with and convert prospective candidates, but they lacked a sound strategy. A client of ours for over a decade, Vector Technical naturally asked our team for help.

The Solution

Designed to increase brand awareness and drive applications amid record-low unemployment, here are a few highlights of the social media strategy we executed for Vector Technical Inc.:

  • Grow Facebook audience of active and passive job seekers, using a combination of organic content sharing (focused on career / job-hunting challenges of their target audience) and paid advertisement (in the form of a Like campaign targeting career-aged individuals within a 50-mile radius who used job-related phrases on Facebook).
  • Drive targeted traffic back to available jobs, the company website and conversion pages. With a sufficient follower base, we evolved their content strategy. We designed branded social graphics, posted at optimal times, to capture attention, stay top-of-mind, and ultimately drive job seekers to take a desired action (i.e., apply to a job, opt-in for job alerts, contact a recruiter).
  • Position Vector Technical as a thought leader and employer of choice in Cleveland, Ohio. This way, when passive candidates were ready to take the next step, our client would be positioned as their ideal career search partner.

The Results

Since launching the campaign, Vector Technical has seen three major outcomes:

  1. More job orders coming in and more placements being made.
    • 82% year-over-year rise in applications (8,783 vs 4,821).
  2. Dramatic increase in (the right kind of) Facebook followers.
    • From July 1 through May 31, Facebook Likes increased by 147%.
      (523 as of July 1 to 1,291 as of May 31).
    • 97.5% of their followers live in the United States.
    • More importantly, followers increased in our client’s top three markets:
      • Cleveland, Ohio (372 Likes/28.8% of Total Page Likes)
      • Painesville, Ohio (209 Likes/8.1% of Total Page Likes)
      • Mentor, Ohio (72 Likes/5.58% of Total Page Likes)
  3. Facebook traffic to client’s website has boomed.
    • 11.50% increase in website sessions (2,667 vs. 2,392).
    • 17.51% increase in website pageviews (4,880 vs. 4,153).
    • 5.39% increase in pages/session (2.83 vs. 1.74).
    • 2,896 views on available jobs.
    • 112.86% increase in traffic to blog articles (1,026 vs. 482).

In fact, their campaign and its results were so impressive that Vector Technical was awarded a “Social Media” Genius Award by the American Staffing Association!

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