Case Study at a Glance:

The Challenge:

Turn our long-standing client’s social media accounts into real marketing machines that drive traffic to their website.

The Solution:

Share monthly HaleyMail newsletter content across their social media accounts to increase website visits.

The Results:

Massive gains in website traffic from social media pages!

The Challenge:

Vector Technical, Inc. has been a HaleyMail client for over a decade. When looking at sources for their website traffic, they noticed one glaring hole: social media. Specifically, they were getting very little traffic from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They knew they were missing huge opportunities to drive employers and job seekers to their website, so they asked our team for help.

The Solution:

Luckily, Vector Technical had been a HaleyMail client for over a decade. Sure, at its core, HaleyMail is a monthly client and candidate newsletter, but it’s much more than that. Each month our clients are presented with three to four pieces of new content they can not only use in their newsletter, but also add to their blog, post on Twitter and Facebook, and use as discussion starters in LinkedIn groups.

HaleyMail already provided Vector Technical with amazing content to share on social, so the solution was simple:

Share the existing content from their email newsletter on their social media platforms.

There was no extra time needed each month to create new content because everything was already a part of their HaleyMail program! Along with the monthly newsletter content, they also shared content from their Staffing and Candidate Resource Centers. Part of the HaleyMail program, these Resource Centers are huge libraries of content related to hiring, staffing, HR issues, tools, work/life balance and career advancement.

The Results:

Did sharing content on social drive more traffic to their website?

Absolutely! When comparing January – March 2016 traffic with January – March 2017 traffic, Vector Technical saw massive gains in traffic from their social media pages:

182% increase

in traffic from Facebook

1,200% increase

in traffic from LinkedIn

1,800% increase

in traffic from Twitter

223% increase

in overall referrals from social media sites

In our client’s words:

HaleyMail provides us with so much more than just an email newsletter. It gives us the opportunity to touch our clients, prospects and candidates multiple times per month…without any extra content creation. I couldn’t imagine how much of my time would be taken up creating this content on my own.

—Tim Bleich, Owner, Vector Technical Inc.