Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge:

Clients who serve light industrial markets were losing applications thanks to a long and drawn-out process on their tech vendor’s platform.

The Solution:

Create a workaround that would make it simple to reach light industrial candidates and provide them with a very simple means of applying for jobs.

The Results:

Light industrial applications increased almost immediately and continue to rise.

Client Background and Challenge:

CPI Group and Working Solutions are sister staffing companies in Mississippi that staff jobs in light industrial, manufacturing, office, technical and other fields and are known for their commitment to service and quality.

They were facing a challenge with their job board and needed a creative solution. Our clients understood that in order to secure applications from well-qualified people in the industries they serve, the application process must be simple. Unfortunately, their vendor’s application was long and drawn out and they suspected it was costing them applicants. People in the caliber of jobs they fill will not spend excessive amounts of time filling out applications. However, due to restrictions in their technology, it was impossible for either company to figure out exactly where applicants were dropping off in the process.

Both companies were locked into a contract with their provider so they needed a solution that would solve their problem without the added expense of breaking a contract.

The Solution:

Haley Marketing Group offered a workaround to CPI Group and Working Solutions to attempt to secure more light industrial applications. Facebook Jobs provides a simple application process and it is a great platform for targeting light industrial candidates. Leveraging this technology could help them bypass the drawn-out application on their website. A link was also included in the Facebook posts if candidates did prefer to use the website, giving them more choice and control over how they applied.

Additionally, our team added a free text question asking candidates which way they prefer to be contacted (phone or email) to ensure that a recruiter can follow up directly, even outside of the Facebook platform. If there are any additional requirements, such as a license or certification, this is also added as a free text question.


Jobs were shared in Facebook groups associated with the city, state, country and industry associated with the job. Internal CPI Group employees also share jobs on their own Facebook pages.

A link is used to track clicks on job postings and since this process kicked off in January, the CPI job board has received 243 clicks from Facebook alone.

In Q2 they received 625 applications through Facebook and in the last quarter, 418 applications were sent in through Facebook thanks to the simple application process.

The client was so pleased with this workaround that they implanted the same process for Working Solutions.


In Our Client’s Words:

“Our digital marketing advisor Elaine posts Facebook jobs with a link back to the job board – this now gives the candidate two ways to apply: Facebook or their job board. In the second quarter, we received a whopping 625 applications from Facebook!”