Aaron Eastlack

Aaron Eastlack

Digital Marketing Manager
Aaron Eastlack

Aaron Eastlack

With a background in teaching, Aaron enjoys helping customers find practical solutions that work for them.  When he comes in to work each day, he makes it his goal to provide awesome service to his clients. Aaron enjoys being a part of the Social Media team at Haley Marketing because he gets to collaborate with awesome professionals and gets to work for a company that is leading the charge in the staffing industry. When Aaron heads home after work, he enjoys spending time with his family, running, and catching up on the newest tools and tech in his Popular Mechanics subscription.

The Hobbit - It's a reminder that anyone can be a hero, but you have to be willing to go on the adventure.

I recommend driving down a road you've never been on without any map or GPS.

Kung Fu (like in the Matrix).

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