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Ask Haley: When is the best day to send email?

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Q: When is the best day to send email?

A: After the Lunch with Haley on email marketing a couple weeks ago, several people asked me this question.

This was a topic that we did not cover in the webinar.

One reason why I didn’t spend any time on this topic is because…there really is no right answer to this question.

Let me explain…

If you are emailing to clients, you want the email to show up when it’s most likely that they are in the office and at their desks, and that day and time can vary greatly depending on the audience. In general, Friday afternoons and weekends are lousy for client marketing (but weekends and evenings can be ideal for candidates). For many, Monday mornings do not work well, but we actually get a great response on Monday mornings.

Over the past year our Marketing Advisors analyzed the best day of the week to send email. They did this by correlating the day of the week to open rates. The result: the best day varied throughout the year.

So what can you take from this?

The best thing to do is apply a little common sense to select what is likely to be the best time and date for your email, and then test your theory. Do an A/B test comparing two different days of the week or times of day.

And finally, don’t expect that whatever works best today will continue to work best for long. That’s part of the problem with trying to optimize day of the week. Everyone is trying to do that, so whenever someone publishes an article saying “XXX is the best day of the week,” a flood of email follows, and that day no longer works best!

I hope this helps, and if you need assistance with your email marketing, please let us know!

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