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Marketing your staffing firm with email? Follow these standards.

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Email marketing is a very easy, affordable way to keep in touch with your clients and candidates. But with all of the different email clients and security measures today, it is hard to know what your email will look like after reaching the recipient. That is why it is important to follow a strict set of rules when building out HTML emails.

Here are the top ten rules we follow at Haley Marketing to make sure your emails are delivered looking great!

  1. First and foremost, do not use background images – all text must be on a solid color background.
  2. When using css, make sure you are only using in-line styles. No embedded stylesheets please.
  3. CSS borders will not show up and HTML borders never look good. If you need to create a border, please use a combination of background-color, cellpadding, and nested tables.
  4. Make sure all tables have cellpadding and cellspacing clearly defined .
  5. Rowspans are an unnecessary evil of HTML (emails and websites combined). There is always a way to avoid using them.
  6. bgcolor=”xxxxxx” will not show up in most email clients. Instead, use style=”background-color:#xxxxxx”.
  7. Do not use <p> tags…these will not render correctly in some email clients (yahoo is one example), therefore resulting in a continuous block of text, without any paragraph breaks. Instead, use <br /><br /> to define a new paragraph.
  8. Do not use heights (height=”16″) in td, or table tags unless absolutely necessary.
  9. Make sure your code is clean and organized. Each <table>,<td>,<tr> should start on a new line. That way, when your HTML is broken, it is easier to find the mistake.
  10. When using <td> tags to contain text/images, make sure they “kiss”.<td>This is an example of the td tags kissing</td>

    This is an example of the td tags not kissing.

Of course, this list is always changing. As soon as hotmail, yahoo, outlook, gmail and other email clients update their software, the way an email is rendered can change too. That is why at Haley Marketing, we continuously test our code to make sure it is up to current standards.

If you are thinking about sending an HTML email/newsletter for your staffing firm, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also learn more about our award winning newsletter services here.

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