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Email Marketing Best Practices: Double Your Click Through Rate

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I wanted to share a very simple technique that one of my clients recently used to double the click through rate on their email newsletter. 

The first month of their campaign they saw a very respectable 16% click through rate.  A week or so after the first mailing went out, they contacted everyone on their list who did not open or click through to the article. 

They asked the recipient if they had a chance to look at the newsletter or review the article.  Most people obviously said that they did not but were planning on reviewing it when they had a chance.

In February my client sent out their second mailing.  This time they were thrilled with the results.  Not only had the open rate gone up but the click through rate had more than doubled to 33%!

It was just a simple call that reminded their recipients to be on the lookout for the newsletter so that the next time it was sent it would be top of mind.  It was a tactic that has worked wonders for a client just starting their email marketing campaign.

How can you do the same?  All you need is an email marketing program that provides tracking data, cheap plug coming…like HaleyMail.  And a sales team that is passionate about making their marketing work for them.

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