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So you think you have it bad?

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Rolls Royce for sale...cheap!

Well, I’m not sure this picture proves anything, but there’s no question that this recession has hit everyone. And while those who earn over $250K have become targets for the government, the reality is that even the very wealthy are feeling pain right now.

So what’s the marketing lesson for your staffing firm?

No matter what you sell or who you sell to, you have to show how your services will help your clients fix their pains. Right now, that means showing them how your staffing services can make a positive impact on profitability. You know that staffing is a great tool to reduce cost, enhance productivity and mitigate employment risk, but you have to prove it to your clients.

Right now, everyone has cut back…and many organizations have cut so far that they lack the resources to capitalize on opportunities and take on new initiatives.  That’s where you can help. While most employers will tell you they have no need to hire, they have a definite need to reduce the pain they feel.

It’s time for you to sell solutions–not staffing services. This may mean selling project services, or selling output of temp staffing rather than selling labor hours.  It may mean partnering with consulting firms who can sell their expertise while you provide the talent to implement their services. And it may mean breaking down your services into their component parts to find new ways to add value for your clients.

The good news is that the value of contingent staffing services has never been higher. Your challenge is to find new ways to sell by becoming an expert at pain relief.

And if you do, I know where you can get a great car, cheap!

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