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A few practical tips on email marketing for staffing firms

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Marketing through a recession is a proven business strategy for many staffing companies. It’s the reason they made it through the last time, and why they’ll hit the ground running at the end of this one. Simply, you cannot become invisible, especially when your clients aren’t hiring, because the minute someone has a hiring need, you need to be top-of-mind.

The catch-22, of course, is that revenue is down, so you don’t have the cash at hand to spend more on marketing. The solution, email marketing! It’s not new, and many even say it is dead, but email is a proven method for reaching your prospects and clients inexpensively and effectively.

The key is to provide relevant content to the right audience.

Your email list is more important than your content! What? You say. Doesn’t Haley Marketing Group provide newsletter content and layout? Isn’t that what you sell? Of course it is. And content is king! But, if you have wonderful content that no one reads… it’s like a tree falling in a forest. It doesn’t make a sound.

Email is cheap! Build your list. Send to more people – good, highly-qualified, targeted contacts. Your list is an asset to your company and you should be consciously building your list all of the time.

A few factors to consider:

  • Ask permission – Permission based email is the only email that works. Don’t waste your time and money sending spam. It won’t get you the result you want.
  • Make it easy to subscribe – Make sure you have a “subscribe to our newsletter” form on your website, perhaps even on your home page. Don’t ask for too much information up front. Build trust before asking for profile information.
  • Ask everywhere – Add a link to your sign-up form on your email signature, your blog, your social media pages, your business card, all printed materials, etc. Offline and online, you should be always asking for permission to email.

And lastly, yes you have a glut of candidates looking for work right now, but remember, this business is cyclical. It won’t be long before you’ll have too many orders to fill. Your candidate database is as important as your prospect database. Email is an excellent and inexpensive way to communicate with job seekers too.

For more ideas on building your list, developing great content, or email marketing, check out the resources available on our website or give us a call today! 1.888.696.2900

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