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Ask Haley: Where can I get photos for my Staffing Website?

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Q: Where can I get photos for my Staffing Website?

A: With the seemingly limitless capacity of the Internet and the efficiency of search engines, you might think that locating photography for your website or marketing materials is a breeze. Do a quick image search on Google, and you’ll find hundreds of photos you can use, right?

Not so fast. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that most photographs and even clipart are copyrighted. In simple terms, almost every image you see online is owned by someone else, and you can’t use any of them without paying a royalty. So if you need photography, what can you do? To protect yourself from legal liability, you can acquire images using one of the following sources:

  • Use photographs you’ve taken.  This is a great option for casual shots of your team and pictures of company events for your blog. Unfortunately, using pictures you’ve taken will only work if the photos are of sufficient quality and high enough resolution for your marketing project.
  • Hire a professional photographer.  Custom photography is probably your most expensive option, but if you need a specific shot and want it to look very good, this may be the best choice. The secret to using professional photographers is preparation. The more prepared you and your photographer are, the less expensive it will be. Have specific ideas for shots in mind to discuss with your photographer and designer before paying for the shoot. If you are using models, don’t forget to get model release forms signed. 
  • Purchase royalty-free or rights-managed images.  You can buy great pictures from stock art companies like Comstock and Jupiter Images. These firms offer millions of professionally taken photographs and, with patience, you can almost always find the right shot for your website or other marketing materials. About the only limitation of stock art is that you do not own exclusive rights. So that attractive model you selected for the cover of your website could appear on another firm’s website or brochure. 
  • Let your design firm provide the pictures.  Many marketing firms, including Haley Marketing, purchase expensive annual subscriptions to stock art libraries. We can give you access to millions of photographs and clipart images for use in your project. And the best part, at least when you work with Haley Marketing, is that we do not charge anything extra for photography. The only downside is that you do not own the rights to use the photos, and if you need the images used in your marketing for another purpose, you will have to purchase those images.

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words…
Photography adds so much interest and visual appeal to print and web materials that it is often the most important design element. However, don’t go overboard. A good balance between imagery and text makes the most effective marketing materials.

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