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Preparing for staffing recovery

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Is that light at the end of the tunnel?

Each day the number of positive reports we are seeing and hearing about the state of the staffing industry continues to grow. While no one is brave enough (or foolish enough) to say we are out of the woods, there are finally reasons to be a little optimistic.

So what should you do now to prepare for recovery?

  • Increase your visibility. This doesn’t mean start making more cold calls. It means get active in your local business community. Network more. Position your firm not as a company that sells staffing, but as a resource that helps companies gain the flexibility to react to market opportunities.
  • Become a source of ideas. The last thing your clients want right now is someone selling staffing services. But they do want ideas. Ideas to drive growth. Ideas for opportunities they can pursue. Ideas for ways to acquire the intellectual capital and labor they need to complete projects and free their key personnel. And ideas for minimizing their risks, just in case the upturn is short lived.
  • Train your staff. Educate your team on all the ways staffing can be used to solve business problems. Make sure your sales and service people truly comprehend how temporary employees can improve productivity, eliminate process bottlenecks, expand capacity, reduce costs, and mitigate employment risks.
  • Market like crazy! Yeah, no surprise I’d recommend this, but now is the absolute best time to get aggressive about marketing. Why? Because it’s the cheapest and fastest way to reach all your prospects and clients. It’s the only way to keep your firm top-of-mind, and it’s the most effective way to position your business as an expert, a solution provider and a trusted resource. 

Here are a few specific ideas for your marketing:

  • Update your website with educational content
  • Use postcards and emails to drive prospects to this content
  • Host webinars or live workshops to teach people how to gain the resources they need
  • Email educational articles to teach people when, why and how to use staffing
  • Post links to those same articles to appropriate groups on LinkedIn
  • Arm your sales team with high value, educational drop offs
  • Survey clients and prospects to see how they are preparing for an upturn in business
  • Telemarket every former client to offer your services to proactive recruit for talent
  • Develop partnerships with other firms who sell to the same clients you do

Need more ideas?

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