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Is the recession coming to an end??!!

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I just came across an article that actually provided some good news for a change. 

Economists See Long Road to Recovery

Now I know the article title sounds negative but once you start reading you realize that there is some definite light at the end of the economic tunnel.  Possibly as soon as August. 

The Wall Street Journal surveyed 52 leading economists and on average they saw the current recession coming to an end by the end of summer.  Of course a full recovery will probably take years, but at least a leveling off is on the horizon. 

I know that I could probably find 10 articles that say we won’t see an upturn for another 2 years, but this seemed to be the first and largest collection of positive news on the economy.

So, as a staffing firm, what should you be doing now to prepare for this upturn?

The best place to turn to is David’s recent post on our blog:

Preparing for staffing recovery

Our better yet, call Haley Marketing at 1-888-696-2900.  Our team of staffing and marketing experts would love to help you develop a strategy to help you take advantage of the upturn.

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