7 High Demand Obama Stimulus Package Jobs

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An article written for payscale.com and recently posted on Yahoo! highlighted the top 7 highest-demand, best-paying jobs in Obama’s stimulus package.  Here they are in no particular order:

  1. Computer Security Specialist (particularly in healthcare related areas)
    Median annual salary: $78,376
  2. Cost Estimator (sets budget for material and labor)
    Median annual salary: $58,868
  3. Civil Engineer
    Median annual salary: $66,638
  4. Insulation Installer
    Median annual salary: $44,460
  5. Solar Panel Installer
    Median annual salary: $44,460
  6. Physical Therapy Assistants
    Median annual salary: $48,999
  7. Loan Officer
    Median annual salary: $43,070

For Staffing Firms and Recruiters, sourcing these niche candidates and building “project teams” could provide a core area of differentiation and help drive profits.  And if you’re looking for staffing brochures or website updates to help market your new niche, we would be happy to help!

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