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Can you learn to how to market staffing services from the food industry?

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Just reviewing the blogs of some of my favorite authors, and I stumbled on the following article from Andy Sernovitz at Damn! I Wish I’d Though of That – a blog filled with “unusually useful ideas for smart marketers.”

The Tasty Ideas Issue

This article covers 4 very creative marketing ideas from the food industry:

  1. Make it obvious
  2. Go to them
  3. Keep it a secret
  4. Check it out. 

See if these ideas stimulate your thinking!  
First read the article, then ask yourself these questions:

  1. How obvious are you making your unique benefits?
    – Do your sales people focus on a very specific value proposition?
    – Do you ever create offers that highlight this unique value?
  2. How could you make it easier for clients and candidates to use your services?
    – Could you offer more convenient hours or locations?
    – Could you offer easier ways to place orders or apply for jobs?
  3. What “secrets” could you offer to entice people to call or purchase?
    – Think about the secret code idea or even sharing a secret through your temps!
  4. Have you ever tried off the wall marketing ideas to get people talking?
    – How about a virtual Craigslist recruitment ad to attract industrial candidates?
    – How about creating Facebook ads specifically targeting people at one company?

I hope these ideas inspire you.  For more ideas for marketing staffing, be sure to download our Marketing Best Practices Guide.

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