No one is hiring? Really?

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If you’re an owner or a sales rep for a staffing firm you’ve probably heard the phrase, “We’re not hiring” too many times over the past year. 

But maybe things are starting to turn around. 

One of the best features of our HaleyMail service is the ability to see what specific links recipients are clicking on within our client’s emails.  As I was looking at the click reports for a few clients I noticed a surprising trend…

A few clients include descriptions of their Top Candidates in their monthly newsletters.  What shocked me is that more people are clicking on the Top Candidate descriptions than any other links in the newsletter (monthly article, Resource Center, article archive, etc.).

It’s a great sign for staffing firms that their contacts are interested in seeing the talent available.  If I were a staffing owner I would be putting a strong emphasis on marketing my top talent as much as possible.

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