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Subject: Ask Haley: LinkedIn Help

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Q: How can I remove a former employee from our company LinkedIn profile?

A: Unfortunately, this isn’t something you can control.  You have to put in a request to LinkedIn to have the person removed.  According to LinkedIn, here is what you need to do:

Removing People from Company Profile:

The Company Profile landing page contains a brief description of your company, the names of current and past employees, new hires, promotions, current job postings and other facts about the company. Names that appear on the landing page have identified themselves as current or past employees at your company.

Clicking on the “See more employees in your network” link generates a keyword search of the entire LinkedIn database seeking additional members that may have the company name listed as a current position on their Profile.

You may request to have someone removed from your Company Profile landing page if they do not or have never worked at your company. In order to file this request, you must have a confirmed company email address registered to your LinkedIn Account. If this is the case, please provide the following information when you contact us:

  1. A screenshot of your Company Profile landing page displaying the person’s name. 
  2. The full name of the person to be removed. 
  3. The reason for removal (e.g. “never worked at this company” or “no longer works at this company”).

We will review the information and take appropriate actions based on our findings.

I hope this helps.  Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Brad Smith
Director of SEO & Social Media Marketing

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