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Ask Haley: 10 Ways to Boost Your Company Following on Facebook

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Have a fantastic Facebook page–and not many followers?  These ten tips will help you get more people to “Like” your Facebook page. 

  1. Start with who you know.  Begin your quest for followers with your current client base, vendors, partners, etc.  Ask people who already support your business to “Like” you on Facebook.  You can also upload data lists into your account and send a mass invite through Facebook.
  2. Consistently deliver quality content!  Determine what your followers are interested in.  What information would help them see you as a trusted advisor or a “go-to” for answers to their questions?  Tie blog posts, email newsletters, and other fresh content to your Facebook page.  
  3. Be organized and engage readers.  A disorganized Facebook page will turn readers off.  Instead plan ahead and be consistent in asking questions, starting conversations and responding to others’ posts.  
  4. Reward members.  You can create a Facebook Fan of the Month Club or Facebook Member of the Month Club and reward those people who contribute and engage with your company on Facebook.  Hand out customized badges/tabs which they can display on their own Facebook page.
  5. If using Facebook ads, ask people to “Like” you in the ad instead of sending them to your company website.
  6. Leverage other forms of social media.  Do all of your Twitter followers and LinkedIn contacts also “Like” you on Facebook?  Leverage these contacts by using sites such as Twitter to get people to like you.
  7. Use your personal Facebook page.  You can indirectly promote your company page on your personal page.  How?  Post content from your company’s page to your page so that people will go to see more of that content.
  8. Participate outside your page.  On Facebook, find other pages in your niche and look for public discussions based on search terms related to your business.  Make sure that you provide value to these pages, to both admin and members.  Don’t just go in and ask them to like your page.  If you provide value, you create interest and incentive for people to find your page.
  9. Create incentives.  Hold contests and promote via other social networking sites.  At Haley we held a Facebook makeover contest and got great entries and over 150 more followers on our site.
  10. Create a custom Facebook page to encourage new visitors to like you.  Make this page the first one that people see–or at the least, those who have not already “liked” you.

Jennifer Jordan
Content Manager

PS – Do you “like” us?  We sure hope so! 

And if you have more questions about social media, just give me a call at 888-696-2900!

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