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Social Media Marketing Resources

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At Haley Marketing, we are big believers that social media can be extremely effective when combined with a well-rounded marketing strategy.  Here is a collection of some our favorite resources:


Inbound Marketing
Selling staffing is hard work. But it does not have to be so difficult! In this one-hour presentation, we’ll teach you all about “Inbound Marketing,” which is a process of leveraging online and offline marketing to create a steady stream of new prospects.

Blogging and Social Media Success
We all know that social media is the HOT topic right now.  But does it make sense for your business?  In this one-hour presentation we’ll show how you can use a blog to turn your website into an SEO and lead-generation powerhouse, and automate your social media marketing efforts.

Social Media Recruiting
Social media is an outstanding tool to stay in contact with current clients and candidates.  But it is also an amazing recruiting tool.  In this one-hour presentation we’ll cover several tips and strategies for using the most popular social media networks to recruit top performers.

SEO & Social Media LIVE
In this one-hour presentation we analyze several staffing and recruiting firm websites and social media pages.  We detail what works, what doesn’t and show how to get more ROI from your online presence.

Blog Posts and Articles:

Social Media WOW – A Lesson From Old Spice
This is a great example of a social media campaign that paid big dividends for Old Spice.

Social Media Monitoring
What are people saying about your staffing firm, and how do you respond?  Not sure, then read this post…

Social Media Playing Big Role on Purchasing Decisions
Still not sure about social media?  Take a look at this research that highlights social media’s role in buying decisions.

Developing a Social Media Marketing Plan
Do you have a plan?  Here are some compelling reasons why you NEED one, and tips for getting started.


Here are several websites that provide news and updates related to social media and search engine optimization (SEO):


Social Media Revolution
A look at the rise of social media and how it has quickly become an integral part of business and our lives.

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