Q: I am looking for new ways to recruit for a very specific position.
Do you have any ideas on how to get in front of a specific audience
cost effectively?  For example, I am looking for Certified
Dietary Managers for Dining Services Director positions in senior
living facilities. Any suggestions?

A: With technology today, there are some truly great ways to get
in front of the exact audience you’re trying to reach–and they
are cost-effective too!  Here are a few suggestions:

1. Look at targeted pay-per-click campaigns in Facebook.  In the
U.S. there are 1,300 people that have listed themselves as
Dietary Managers.  You can create very targeted ads for those
people and only pay if someone clicks on it.

2. Look at targeted ads for upcoming graduates.  Almost 3,000
people on Facebook have indicated they are graduating this year
with degrees in dietetics.  This is a longer-term candidate
sourcing method, but could still be valuable.

3. Use LinkedIn’s tools.  Reach out to current dietary managers
through pay-per-click campaigns.  Join the “Dietary Managers
Association” group on LinkedIn.  You can then reach out and
connect with each individual member.  You can also post your
open assignments there and ask for referrals.

4. Leverage your existing candidate base.  Use low-cost email
marketing to push your open assignments to your candidate database.
Highlight a referral bonus program and actively seek referrals.

5. Turn your website into a resource for Dietary Managers.
Provide whitepapers, industry news, salary data/comparisons
and other information to attract Dietary Managers and position
your firm as a leader in the field.  This is also a longer-term
solution, but well worth the effort.  As you continue to add content,
you should see an improvement in search engine rankings and an
increase in overall website traffic from your target audience.

I hope this helps!
Brad Smith
Director of SEO & Social Media Marketing

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  1. Brad

    The first question you need to ask is “Is this the area you specialize in”? That will determine how much resources the recruiter should give to this specific project. Your suggestions are excellent-especially Linkedin- upgrade your membership to Talent Finder for unlimited IM’s- more cost effective. Contact indeed.com so they will sweep her current openings. Contact the Dietary Association and have them post the opening-little cost lot’s of exposure.If you would like additional ideas please contact me. Have a great day!!


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