Facebook’s Send Button and Your Website

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Earlier this week, Facebook released their Send button as a plug-in that can be used on your website.  Similar to the Like button that has been around for a year now, the Send button can be added to any webpage.  It allows users to send a webpage or site they like as a post to their Facebook Group, a message to one of more of their Facebook friends, or as an email to individual email addresses.  The Send button is useful for people want to share a site with one individual or a small group of specific people, instead of posting it to their entire Facebook friend list.

How can businesses use the Send button?

Businesses can use the Send button as a tool to increase the likelihood of social referrals.  Here are a few ways I see the Send button being useful for staffing and recruiting firms:

  • Add it to your job postings to increase the likelihood that people with share jobs with their friends.
  • Include it on your newsletter sign-up page or confirmation page to encourage users to recommend your newsletter to their peers.
  • Add it to key pages throughout your website: Homepage, About Us, Services, etc.
  • And of course add it to blog posts or articles you write…
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