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Ever seen This is Spinal Tap?

Admittedly, Nigel Tufnel is no poster child for customer service excellence.  But I love the concept behind his Marshall amplifier that “goes to 11.”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ll7rWiY5obI?rel=0&w=420&h=315]

In honor of this cult film classic “rockumentary,” here are some quick tips for taking customer loyalty to the next level, courtesy of entrepreneur.com:

  • Improve your “Thank You.”  You may have landing pages or automated emails thanking customers, prospects and candidates for converting (whether they request information, place a job order or refer a friend).  But do those “Thank Yous” put your staffing firm’s best foot forward?  Make your “Thank You” pages/emails nicer to look at, and add useful resources, additional follow-up steps or company contact information to those messages.
  • Optimize your feedback channels.  Feedback can arrive passively through your staffing website, job board, email, phone, word of mouth, social media – but when is the last time you actively surveyed clients, applicants and field employees about their experiences with you?  When you take the time to proactively solicit feedback, you tell your customers, “We care about what you think.”  This simple step can help you develop loyalty, resolve complaints and build trust.
  • Go beyond cancellations as a performance indicator.  Tracking client turnover is a reactive performance indicator.  In addition, you should proactively gauge loyalty by monitoring your company’s “net promoter score,” the frequency of customer interactions, and the length of time between customer visits.  By tracking how engaged customers are – and how likely they are to recommend your services – you get a more accurate measure of loyalty.
  • Assign someone to measure loyalty.  Find someone in marketing, customer service or operations to take responsibility for tracking and improving customer loyalty.  The individual should: have the personality and drive to be a customer service champion; work well with others; value both quantitative and qualitative data analysis; understand how customer service involves every department in your firm.
  • Evangelize gains and losses.  Developing customer loyalty is a company-wide effort.  It’s not something that “happens to you,” but the result of sustained proactive effort on everyone’s part.  Get your employees on the bandwagon by regularly sharing the results of your loyalty measurements – whether they’re good or bad.  Only when your team realizes that engendering loyalty starts with them, can they help you take it to the next level.

What does your staffing or recruiting firm do to give customer service that “extra push off the cliff?”  I’d love to know.  Please leave your comments below!

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