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16 ways to tell if it’s time to update your website

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  1. Does it INSTANTLY tell people what you do?
  2. Does it send a STRONG message about your company?
  3. Does it send THE RIGHT message about your company?
  4. Does it COMPEL visitors to take action?
  5. Is it EASY to navigate?
  6. Does it RANK highly with search engines?
  7. Does it ATTRACT quality clients and candidates?
  8. Does it allow you to easily POST JOBS and ADD content?
  9. Does it help your sales people to SELL more effectively?
  10. Is it LOWERING your cost of recruiting?
  11. Does it keep visitors ENGAGED?
  12. Does it generate lots of REPEAT traffic?
  13. Does it include a STRONG call to action?
  14. Does it integrate with SOCIAL MEDIA?
  15. Does it look great on every MOBILE DEVICE?
  16. Do you KNOW if it’s working?

If you answered “no” to any of these, it might be time for a new website!

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