Free Webinar: Managing and Compensating Staffing Sales Reps

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We invite you to join us for the next Lunch With Haley: Managing and Compensating Staffing Sales Reps!

How much do you have to pay to hire a staffing sales superstar? What’s the best way to manage poor performers? Should you tolerate top performing prima donnas?

Sales management is one of the toughest jobs in the staffing industry. There are no “right answers.” But the good news is that there are many best practices you can use as guidelines for management and compensation.

In this Lunch with Haley, guest speaker Tom Kosnik will show you how effective sales management can actually be a lot easier than you might think. He’ll show you effective ways to create accountability, build effective comp plans, and take advantage of the most effective performance levers. Tom will show you the activities that differentiate an average producer and a staffing superstar.

When: Thursday, January 24th, 2pm EDT

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