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Why I care about being a top 1% on LinkedIn

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I’m one of the 1%

It can’t be true. I thought I was part of the 99%??? Nope. Not according to LinkedIn. I’m a 1 percenter!

So what does it mean?

From a literal perspective, my profile is one of the top 1% most viewed profiles on LinkedIn’s network. But guess what. I’m not even one in a million. I’m just one in two million!

So why does this matter?

It’s nice to be recognized. It’s nice to know that people are “checking me out” on LinkedIn. But the real benefit is that I’ve managed to attract a lot of people to my profile info, and in turn driven thousands of people to Haley Marketing’s website.

More traffic = More revenue.

LinkedIn as become a serious source of sales leads for our firm. Getting people to our team’s LinkedIn profiles, our Ask Haley Group, and back to our website (by sharing blog posts and actively participating in dozens of groups), has resulted in new sales leads. We literally receive three to five new leads every single day.

Lessons for your staffing firm.

Undoubtedly, you’re already using LinkedIn. You may be using it for researching prospects, sourcing candidates, and professional networking.

But you can do more!

  • Join groups where your clients and candidates hang out.
  • Commit 15 to 30 minutes to “social sharing.”
    • Share blog posts.
    • Update your status message.
    • Answer questions and start discussions.
    • Invite people to connect.
  • Consider starting a group focused on a specific industry niche or talent pool.
  • Update your profile to include videos, brochures and educational content.

You too can be a 1 percenter.

Get on. Get connected. And most importantly, become an active part of the conversation. The more you share, and the more you do, the more connected you will become. And that will make a significant, positive impact on your business development and recruiting efforts.


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