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The Temp Employee is Always Right

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This is probably the mantra you go by in your staffing company right?  Well, after you’re done laughing and rolling on the floor, read on! 

The top companies in the world invest heavily in their culture and they reap the rewards.  John Cotter, a noted business author and expert on organizational culture did a ten year study on some of the world’s leading corporations.  What he found was a big disparity between key growth indicators between companies that spent time building a good culture, and those that didn’t. 

Revenue Growth
Spent time on culture: 682% 
Didn’t spend time on culture: 166%

Stock Performance
Spent time on culture: 901% 
Didn’t spend time on culture: 74%

Net Income
Spent time on culture: 756% 
Didn’t spend time on culture: 1%

Job Growth
Spent time on culture: 282% 
Didn’t spend time on culture: 36%

While I might have been a little dramatic by saying “The Temp Employee is Always Right,” I think it helps illustrate the point that great customer service and experiences start with your staff.  For temporary staffing firms, your growth is directly tied to how satisfied and happy your temporary workforce is.  In fact, if you look at the list of fastest growing staffing companies, many of them also appear on their local Best Places to Work lists and Inavero’s Best of Staffing Talent list. 

It’s no coincidence, the better you treat your employees, the better they will perform and the higher your earnings will be!   

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