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The Addition of Video to Instagram

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In a traditional, mailed postcard, Facebook hinted to media outlets that on June 20th it would be making a major announcement. With that, social media began to buzz with rumors and ideas on what changes would be coming to the leading social media site.

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At 1pm EST, during a press conference at their Menlo Park, CA Headquarters, it was announced that Instagram, purchased by Facebook in April 2012 for $1billion, would now allow users to record, edit and manipulate video to share with their followers. Similar to the way Instagram allows different filters to be added to pictures, users are now able to add 1 of 13 video-specific filters to their recorded media.

So what does this mean?
This addition to Instagram confirms one extremely relevant belief. If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards. With new means of social sharing being developed as I type this, and new edits currently being made to existing platforms, it’s safe to say that this time next year (or month) the way we use social media will change again.
When it comes to your company, staying ahead of these trends and changes can help differentiate your business and give you the leverage you need over your competitors.
Reasons to Use Instagram Video.
Growing up your parents taught you to share…and that’s what people are doing. They’re finding interesting content (especially pictures/video) and sharing it with each other. So why should you tap into this network? Here are three reasons to use Instagram video:

  •  Show Your Office Personality: Behind the Scenes
    Clients and candidates have their challenges and struggles. They’re coming to you for help and in most instances only know you and your staff on a professional level. Using Instagram to show behind the scenes, light-hearted, office videos gives your business a face and lets people see exactly who they will be working with.

    Tip: Use the new video option to do a 15 second highlight of employees. Include name, job description, how they can better help clients/candidates, and a closing call to action to contact your company if any further questions arise.

  •  Build Your Brand
    How much are you currently spending per month on various marketing initiatives? Why not add a free platform that can be accessed from any iPhone or Android device? And, with over 130 million users, chances are your clients and candidates are on Instagram. Target them with keyword-rich hashtags and creative content to attract them to your page.
  • Share Your Expertise
    Share your knowledge and expertise with your followers to build credibility and trust. Use the new video feature to offer candidates tips on how to land the job they are after.

    Tip: 15 seconds is more than enough time to offer a top 5 list of tips. Resume building tips, cover letter tips and ways to improve interview skills are excellent video possibilities. Add a filter, tag it, and share it with the world.

If you would like to learn more about Instagram and the importance of using social media, contact the experts at Haley Marketing today. We have the marketing experience and knowledge to help you increase your online presence, and draw quality traffic to your website. If you are looking for further discussion on marketing, please join our Ask Haley LinkedIn Group today.

Please feel free to Connect with Brad for more information on social media marketing.

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